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Simply relax

Apartments with pool, jacuzzi and sauna – Untermösslhof in Lana near Merano

There is nothing better after a hiking tour or an excursion into nature and the city than putting your feet up and consciously enjoying moments of peace. So, head to the pool for a few laps, relax on the sun loungers, or unwind in the jacuzzi and sauna to recharge your batteries.

Sweat with
the power of Swiss stone pine

Apartments with sauna & pool in Lana – Untermösslhof

Rosy skin, relaxed muscles, and forgetting everything around you – there are many good reasons for a sauna session and a few minutes in the bubbling water of the jacuzzi. And afterward: unwind in the relaxation room and take in the breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains.

Our organic Swiss stone pine sauna is heated to 70°C, and our jacuzzi to 35°C. In the afternoons, the wellness area is accessible to both adults and children – from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, adults only!

4 benefits
of sauna


Relaxing sleep

Regular sauna sessions and the antibacterial, soothing effects of Swiss stone pine wood contribute to a particularly restful sleep. This way, you can embark on new holiday adventures the next day feeling refreshed.



Positive effects

Regular sauna visits have numerous positive effects on health and well-being: the body detoxifies, the entire metabolism gets a boost, and the cardiovascular system is stimulated.



Increased blood circulation

In the sauna, the skin surface is warmed by 3 to 10 degrees, promoting blood circulation and strengthening the immune system – especially when followed by a cold shower or a dip in the pool.



Muscle relaxation

Heat can loosen tense muscles – with the added bonus of not only relaxing the body but also the mind. So, after a hike, it's best to head straight to the sauna or the jacuzzi.

And then... cuddling time

Holidays in Lana – apartments with pool

After an afternoon by the pool and in the sauna, it's time for a good night's sleep at Untermösslhof. But first: experience this pleasant tranquility up here, enjoy the view of the sea of lights of Lana and Merano, and gaze at the stars from your own balcony or private terrace.


Take conscious time for two or enjoy precious family moments. Our apartments are rustic, cozy, and yet modernly furnished.

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